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Apple item.png
Category: Food
Required class: Any
Use: Restore 5 health
Weight: 2
Durability: Indestructible
Worth: 5
Sell: ~2
Examine info: Eat this apple to restore a bit of your health.
Object ID: RedApple

Apples are a common item of produce throughout all of Nox. They are most notably cultivated in an orchard in Dün Mir, but can be foraged far and wide. Merchants frequently barter for them, only to sell them off for an outrageous price (about 5 gold pieces). Apples are a good pick-me-up for common citizens, but lack popularity amongst more hardy folk due to their relatively small impact on the consumer.

In towns, they can sometimes be found strewn about or inside barrels and crates. In the wilderness, they're usually found around vegetation. Any injured creature can consume Apples, so players must take care to deny their enemies the chance to pick them up. On they other hand, they can be dropped for hurt allies to help them recover more quickly. Meat and Mushrooms are likewise usable by any creature.