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Armor is the most basic form of protection from damage. It is found in the form of items of several different materials, each one absorbing damage unique to the others, for different parts of the body, and offering access to different classes.

The quality of armor is distuinguished between these types:

  1. Divine
  2. Titan
  3. Grand
  4. Mighty
  5. Sturdy
  6. Flimsy

There are four main categories of armor available: cloth, leather, chainmail and plate (metal).

Cloth is lightweight, but provides little defense against any attacks.

Leather is much stronger than cloth and provides decent protection against common attacks, but won't help much against more powerful weaponry.

Chainmail provides a definite improvement over leather in protection capability, but is much heavier than leather, and is also conductive, so any contact with electricity will be intensified by the armor.

Plate is the most durable and protective armor, but is also the heaviest, and inherits the same "shockback" effect as the chainmail.

In Multiplayer mode, weight doesn't really account for much importance, but in other modes, it can be a great influence on how you keep yourself equipped. In most cases, leather is available to conjurers and warriors; chainmail and metal is available only to warriors; and cloth is available to everyone (except for the wizard robe).

Armor is also allocated to different parts of your body. They can be equipped on your body, legs, head, arms, and feet. Body armor is often the most effective and the heaviest, legs follow second, head in third, feet fourth, and arms fifth. Shields can also be equipped by warriors to block damage completely.

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