Max. health: 100
Max. mana: 140 (Solo), 125 (Multiplay)
Max. strength: 55
Starting place: Village of Ix

Conjurer resembles a hybrid class between a warrior and a wizard. They can wear only leather armor, they can cast deadly spells, and when equipped with bows or crossbows, they can take care of many rows of monsters. Similarly to wizard Trap skill Trap, Bombers are their representation of mobile killer traps.

In-game description Edit

Conjurers charm and summon creatures to do their bidding. They wear leather armor and equip bows and staves. Conjurers begin exploring near the Village of Ix.

Conjurer spells Edit

Conjurer armor Edit

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Conjurer weapons Edit

Two-Handed Melee Weapons Edit

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Conjurer ranks[1]Edit

  1. Initiate Conjurer
  2. Apprentice Conjurer
  3. Novice Conjurer
  4. Adept Conjurer
  5. Veteran Conjurer
  6. Expert Conjurer
  7. Master Conjurer
  8. Great Conjurer
  9. Arch-Conjurer
  10. Legendary Conjurer
  11. Legendary Conjurer Lord

Notable conjurers Edit