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Fireball Staff
Fireball Staff item
Category: Weapons
Required class: Conjurer, Wizard
Base damage: 4
Use: Fireball skill Fireball (1)
Weight: 30
Durability: 100
Worth: 1000
Sell: ~334
Required strength: 20
Examine info: This staff emits a single ball of fire. Wizards and Conjurers may use this staff.
Object ID: LesserFireballWand

The Fireball Staff emits a fairly weak blast, about the power of a Wizard's level 1 Fireball. It can be useful for eliminating weaker enemies and should be used in the same way as the spell of the same name. If found, a Fireball Staff of Recharge provides a very economical way to conserve mana and ammunition, especially for Conjurers. However, Wizards will find that they have better tools for the job - the Triple Fireball Staff in particular.

Lesser Fireball Staff Cast

An example of the staff being casted.

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