Ruled by Warlord Horrendous, the subterranean fortress of Dün Mir is a home for every warrior in the Land of Nox. Fire Knights start there their career by passing The Gauntlet. Wizards are strictly forbidden in the streets of Dün Mir and anyone caught practicing magic will be imprisoned, nevertheless some people don't mind wizards.

In the warrior and conjurer route of the game, the fortress was heavily devastated by the Hecubah's undead army.

Travel connections Edit

Gauntlet Map

Mini-map of The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet Edit

The Gauntlet is a supreme test and first requirement to become a Fire Knight and an apprentice to Horrendous. One must first obtain a petition signed by an official of Dün Mir and then go to Warrior Academy. Participants have to face spike walls, blazing flames, fireballs, complex mechanisms and various monsters. Once you enter, there is no way to escape. You have to pass, or die.

Locations Edit

Fortress of Horrendous Edit

Surrounded by massive lava lake, this part of the city serves as a stronghold for Dün Mir warriors and the upper part also contains the throne room. Beneath the fortress is located a storage room and a jail where some urchins, a troll, and an ogress are kept.

Warrior Academy Edit

Guarded by the Quartermaster, this building leads to an underground labyrinth used for The Gauntlet. Horrendous himself greets new adepts for the test.

The Orchard Edit

Dün Mir is also known for it's apples, grown by Gearhart's family, which are exported to the other cities. At some time, the orchard was endangered by an urchin, living in a nearby cave. However, Jack the Warrior got rid of the urchin.

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