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Health is the amount of damage a person can take before dieing. When a persons health reaches 0, they have to start from last save point in single player, respawn in multiplayer, or lose an ankh and respawn at the last touched soul gate in quest mode. Health in single player is determined by levels, but in multiplayer and quest mode the players' health are fixed to ensure balanced gameplay. In Solo, all classes start with a maximum of 20 health, which increases as you gain levels.

  • Wizard has maximum 75 health (225 in Quest).
  • Conjuror has maximum 100 health (300 in Quest).
  • Warrior has maximum 150 health (450 in Quest).

You can gain health by using these items:

Health bar HUD

Damage being inflicted.

In the game there is an object called Rotten Meat Rotten Meat. Those rotten meats make your health go down by 15 instead of up. But if you take too many, you won't die. Your health will go to >-1. That makes you go till -32767 health and it will change to 32767 and go down again. The object isn't used ingame.