Jug of Cider
Cider item
Category: Consumables
Required class: Any
Use: Restore 10 health,
Confuse skill Confuse
Weight: 10
Durability: 1
Worth: 5
Sell: ~2
Examine info: Drink this cider to restore some health. Take care, the effects are intoxicating. After ingesting, do not operate heavy machinery.
Object ID: Cider

Cider is a potent alcoholic beverage commonly enjoyed in the land of Nox. While consumption is reinvigorating, it naturally leaves the imbiber a bit tipsy. This is reflected in the game mechanics, as comsuming a Jug of Cider will restore 10 health while at the same time causing confusion. Mushrooms have a similar effect, but cure poison rather than restoring health.

It is inadvisable to use Cider in combat, when attempting to operate any kind of button, lever or pressure plate, or in any other situation where coordination is required. Players should ideally use a Potion of Restore Health in emergencies and Meat provides the same healing without causing confusion. Even Apples, while providing only half as much healing, may be preferable in a pinch.