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Leather Armored Boots
Leather Armored Boots item
Category: Armor
Required class: Warrior, Conjurer
Weight: 20
Durability: 300
Worth: 200
Sell: ~67
Required strength: 24
Examine info: Good protection for your feet. Only Warriors and Conjurers may wear them.
Object ID: LeatherArmoredBoots

This is one piece of the second lowest form of armour for the classes of warrior or conjurer. For conjurers, this is the only alternative to leather boots. These boots are often best worn amoung chain armours (warriors), as it suits as a medium type armour, like chainmail. Tt can be enchanted and different material or protections. It is much more fragile than heavy and metal armours like plate, not as fragile as leather boots. This is a tradeoff for it's reduced damage multiplier when inflicted with shock or lightning, but not as resistant as leather boots.

LeatherArmoredBoots default modEdit

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