Leather Tunic
Leather Tunic item
Category: Armor
Required class: Warrior, Conjurer
Weight: 50
Durability: 300
Worth: 200
Sell: ~67
Required strength: 20
Examine info: Basic protection for your body. Only Warriors and Conjurers may wear one.
Object ID: LeatherArmor

The leather tunic is the centerpiece to the leather armor set. In nearly every area in Nox, it sees widespread use by the inhabitants as a competent source of protection. Common citizens don't see the need to wear themselves down with stiff amour, so they are more often used by militia, wardens, and freelancing adventurers. Their sales are led by shop owners in more populated areas, but are also offered by roaming merchants.

The leather tunic can be used freely by conjurers and warriors, but is prohibited by wizards as it is strictly against wizardry code and practice because it difficults spell casting and makes the wearer more slow and vulnerable for opponents. For conjurers, it is the only means of defense for the main body, so it is recommended that they are always equiped with one before going into battle. For warriors, it provides little defense in comparison to the chainmail tunic and breastplate, but can sometimes be handy when in conflict against a Wizard since it is the only body armor that can help to insulate them against otherwise devastating electrical assaults.

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