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Food item.png
Category: Food
Required class: Any
Use: Restore 10 health
Weight: 8
Durability: Indestructible
Worth: 10
Sell: ~4
Examine info: Eat this food portion to restore some health.
Object ID: Meat

Meat is a common food item found thoughout the land of Nox. They can be found in containers, such as barrels and chests, or purchased from merchants. When consumed, it provides twice the healing of an Apple, but only a fraction of that provided by a Potion of Restore Health.

Like Apples and Mushrooms, it can be eaten by non-player creatures if they require healing. As a result, it can be invaluable during the single-player storyline in keeping followers alive. Conjurers especially may find it useful in keeping a rare charmed creature alive before they learn the Summon Creature spell. On the other hand, enemies may also pick up Meat lying on the ground during a fight, allowing them to last that much longer.