The Necromancer War.

The Necromancer war was the war fought between necromancer mages and southern people.


It started when the Necromancers mastered the dark arts of reviving and repossessing the dead. The immortality was accomplished as long as there were a steady supply of humans. For many years, humans from the Land of Nox lived in oppression and fear of the Necromancers as they found easier ways to kill humans and find weak targets.

As years went by, the southern people created a weapon of mass destruction, the Staff Of Oblivion, a peerless weapon which traps any soul into to the Orb. It was created by the finest craftsmen, including the best blacksmiths from Dün Mir that forged the Halberd of Horrendous, conjurers of Ix that summoned the Wierdling Beast and wizards that crafted an unlimited container of energy, the Heart of Nox.

After the staff was assembled, the first bearer of the weapon was carried by the great warrior Jandor, who carried the army of the southern people to the heart of the necromancers' home, the Land of the Dead which led to their utter defeat.

Jandor, found a last necromancer baby named Hecubah. Sick of the war and death, he spared her and gave her to the Ogres for them to care and hoped that she will never find out about her origins.

The Staff of Oblivion was thought to be too powerful for any mere mortal. Jandor disassembled the staff and gave the parts to their respective creators. The Halberd was sent to Horrendous, the Wierdling Beast was sent to the Order of Oblivion and the Heart of Nox was sent the wizards of Galava.

But the Orb was sent to Earth by Horvath through a magic portal which then it was received by a young man called Jack hoping that no one will ever find out about its true magical abilities.

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