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October 18, 2010Edit

  • Nox Halloween
    We come closer and closer to Halloween everyday, so why not remodel the logo and add some blood to it? This is the latest wiki logo (till November 1st) thanks to my friend once again. Enjoy the up coming holidays!

October 17, 2010Edit

  • Nox CompleteL
    Minor changes to the wiki logo.

September 29, 2010Edit

  • Updated the NoX Wiki logo thanks to a very good friend of mine. Remember that Halloween is coming up in about a month, if you would like to enter to show your support to the community then drop by the talk page and post your logo suggestion

September 27, 2010Edit

  • Thanks to many contributors, NoX wiki is becoming more like a wiki. I would like to thank all contributors and their efforts. If any anyone has any general question or suggestions, please drop a message at the talk page on the main menu.
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