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Potion of Cure Poison
Potion of Cure Poison item
Category: Potions
Required class: Any
Use: Cure Poison skill Cure Poison
Weight: 5
Durability: Indestructible
Worth: 20
Sell: ~7
Examine info: Drink this potion to cure poison.
Object ID: CurePoisonPotion

This potion is the perfect cure for when a creature's venom heads your way. The Potion of Cure Poison is concocted by numerous sorcerers and mystics because of their widespread functionality in nearly every part of Nox, making them a very popular item to have in hand. During combat, having these around isn't always necessary, but on some occasions, they can spell the difference between victory and death.

These potions can be found in most any area where there's a merchant handy, but finding them in the wild isn't bound to happen too soon, so stock up when they're around.

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