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Staff item
Category: Weapons
Required class: Any
Base damage: 4
Weight: 30
Durability: 120
Worth: 200
Sell: ~67
Required strength: 20
Examine info: Suitable for opening crates, barrels -- and monsters heads.
Object ID: StaffWooden

The staff is a very basic weapon; a piece of finely crafted wood used as a mortal weapon. It cannot cast any spells, although staves are very often enchanted with magical abilities. Like all staves, it can be used as means of attack and defense against certain weapons (namely swords). As is their nature, it is unsuitable for major combat in the hands of a conjurer or wizard; in a warrior's hands, however, it can be a versatile and dangerous weapon for anyone who comes too close. You start out with one of these in the Conjurer's and Wizard's campaigns.

StaffWooden default modEdit

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