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Staff of Oblivion
Staff of Oblivion item.png
Category: Weapons
Required class: Any
Base damage: 5
Use: Plasma Plasma
Weight: 30
Durability: Indestructible
Worth: 10000
Sell: ~3334
Required strength: 20
Examine info: Staff of Oblivion
Object ID: OblivionOrb

Staff of Oblivion.png

The Staff of Oblivion is a mighty artifact which can ultimately destroy enemies of the wielder.

History[edit | edit source]

The staff was constructed by the southern people and it was first used by Jandor in the Necromancer War. After the war, it was disassembled and its parts were taken to many places inside or even outside the Land of Nox. The Halberd was given to the Warlord Horrendous in the Fortress of Dün Mir. The Heart of Nox, the staff's power source, was kept on top of the Tower of Illusion in Galava Castle, guarded by Horvath. The Wierdling Beast was protected by the sacred Order of Oblivion in the Temple of Ix. Last part, the Orb, was sent by Horvath to another dimension – the Earth.

Many years later, Jack was transported to the Land of Nox and once again, he assembled the staff using it to either Warrior and Conjurer icon kill, or Wizard purify Hecubah. Then the staff was probably once more disassembled.

OblivionOrb default mod[edit | edit source]

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