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The Wierdling Beast (also Weirdling Beast) is a mythic creature of unknown origin and the second magical component used to assemble the Staff of Oblivion. It has great ability of drawing energies.

History[edit | edit source]

When the Staff of Oblivion was disassembled after the Necromancer War, Jandor gave the Wierdling Beast to the Order of Oblivion residing at the Temple of Ix. The Order then hid the Wierdling to keep it alive in the Xon Pools deep beneath the temple.

During the quest to recover the Staff of Oblivion, Jack visited the temple and convinced the priesthood to allow him to enter the depths of the temple. After successing their tests, the priests deemed him worthy and allowed him to take the Wierdling and add it to the Halberd with the Heart of Nox to create Halberd with the Heart Of Nox and the Weirdling.

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