Max. health: 75(Solo/Multi); 225 (Quest)
Max. mana: 150 (Multiplayer); 170 (Solo); 450 (Quest)
Max. strength: 125
Max. speed: 83
Starting place: Western Coast

Wizards are weak, slow and physically unimpressive; however, their true strength lies in their unparalleled command of magic. Many players consider the wizard to be the strongest class in Nox.

In-game descriptionEdit

Wizards are masters of magic. They create magical traps containing spells. They cannot wear armor and can arm themselves only with staves. Wizards commence their quests near Castle Galava.

Wizard spellsEdit

A wizard's spells, more than anything he wears or wields, serve as both his weapons and armor - without them he is all but defenseless. However, armed with a full spellbook and an ample supply of mana, a wizard is a fearsome foe indeed.

Wizard armorEdit

Wizards have access to only the lightest of armor. The loose robes and leather boots allow them to freely channel the arcane energies that fuel their magic, performing the complex incantations and hand signs with ease. They robes and helms they wear are unique to the wizard class.


Cloaks Edit


Robes Edit

Wizard weaponsEdit

Wizards have access to a variety of staves. These range from the mundane walking stick up to and including some of the most frightful and deadly magical devices known to Nox.

Two-Handed Melee WeaponsEdit

Two-Handed Magic WeaponsEdit

Wizard ranks[1]Edit

  1. Initiate Wizard
  2. Apprentice Wizard
  3. Novice Wizard
  4. Adept Wizard
  5. Veteran Wizard
  6. Expert Wizard
  7. Master Wizard
  8. Great Wizard
  9. Arch-Wizard
  10. Legendary Wizard
  11. Legendary Wizard Lord

Notable WizardsEdit